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Sexy Mature Women - The 3-Minute Rule For Naked Mature Ladies

Sexy Mature Women - The 3-Minute Rule For Naked Mature Ladies

A few weeks ago I met this girl on OKC. I must have done a good job the first time because she placed a lot of trust in me on a physical level as well as in terms of talking about some of her darker desires which she hadn't so far with her husband, it seemed. I had already noticed that she was rather eager to explore a bit of her submissive side and seeing how turned on (not to say instantly wet) she got everytime I showed only slight dominance I was more than willing to comply when she suggested a specific scenario for our second date.

Also, I suck at formatting. She asked me pretty straight forward to come to a hotel, enter the room where she would be waiting blindfolded on the bed, ready to be used as my fuck toy for the night. Not a native English speaker but this isn't Shakespeare so what the hell. We met shortly thereafter and had hours of amazing, very rewarding sex but at that point I had no idea how much better things were going to get.

Fast forward to a few days later; I arrived at the hotel during a heavy rain storm but she texted and asked me to stay in the car for a few more minutes as she prepared the room. A few minutes later I get a text message, 'Come up' with a picture of room number and a door code. We hit it off pretty well and while we kept most of our privates lifes to ourselves, we quickly seemed to click on a sexual level and talked/sexted in explicit detail about how our first encounter should look.

She's lying on her stomach, her cute little butt in black lingerie and some soft leather collars around neck and wrists (also one of her ideas). Little did I know what to expect and the adrenalin was already rushing, with only slight questions at the back of my head about what could go wrong and a general horniness occupying all the rest of my thoughts at this point. When I come up, punch in the code to the room and enter, I see her on the bed in the dim light.

Let's see what you have prepared. I step out of the car, run through the rain and try to act casual as I walk past the reception though my heart is beating like crazy at this point. She is part indian so she has a beatuiful natural tan which is truly a sight to behold, lying on some white linen sheets ready for my taking.

I rememberd that she had another request just in time 'So, you want me to use you all night? Some cock rings, a butt plug, a vibrator, some beads and most importantly a little crop. I was instantly hard when I read her text and this was absolutely something I wanted to try with her.

' came a hushed voice. She was married but looking for a side gig since her hubby was regularly seeing other women, too and it seemed like she wanted to do some catching up. ' I took out my camera and made sure she heard the release when I took the picture 'You want to be fucked until you're just a quivering pile of orgasm laying below me? ' She twitched in excitement, 'Yes.

She pushed her butt out against my hand and eagerly nodded her head. As I walk closer to nude women over 40 the bed I see that she has set up a collection of toys on the night stand. I gave her a slap on the ass 'There is one thing you'll have to remember though. I started moving my hands over her body, sometimes soft, only then to grab one of her breasts a bit harder, and go soft again.

How could I not get the widest of grins at the sight of this cute little thing eager to obey my orders. I close the door and start slipping into my role 'I see my fuck toy is already waiting for me. We didn't specifically discuss this request beforehand but her reaction clearly showed that she liked the idea. I was more than satisfied with how this was going so far so I decided to give her a small reward for having everyting so neatly prepared for me.

She has a very tiny mouth and I have a little above average cock so I wasn't even sure if she would be able to take it but she complied and as I lay the tip of my cock on her tongue she was already arching naked mature ladies women gallery towards me trying to suck it in. I let it slowly sink into her mouth, feeling her tongue smoothly grinding against the head which makes me even harder and at this point her mouth gets as tight as any pussy could be.

I want to see how far she can take it now and after giving her some time to breathe go in again, slowly but even deeper this time. She takes it, inch by inch until my balls hit her nose and I stay like this for a few seconds before pulling out again. Her nipples are extremely hard and as I move towards her pusyy with my hand she starts to moan, sending a tingling sensation all across my cock in her mouth.

With rational thought slowly leaving my head I roughly turn her around, her ass now facing nude mature nude woman women pics me. 'Open your mouth and stick out your tongue! With her eyes still blindfolded she was already going kind of crazy, moaning and twitching at my touch and when I let my hand glide between her legs for the first time I could feel that she had practically already soaked her expensive new panties with how wet she was.

You have to ask before you cum and you musn't cum before I allow it! I'm begining to find a rythym with my cock in her mouth and start touching her all across her body. This is my cue; with another slap on her tight little ass I grab one of the plugs and the lube off the night stand and move down towards her butt.

I gab a good handfull of her cheek and climb atop of her, start kissing and softly biting her neck which makes her shiver and sends goosebumps all over her body. Seeing as how you haven't earned my cock yet. Since she is older nude woman clearly ready for more I soon put some lube on the considerably sized butt plug and start to slowly push it again her hole but she can't seem to wait that long. She arches her back and pushes her ass against my hand, quickly pushing the whole plug up her ass.

I start to kiss and caress her cheecks and then, hoping to help her muscles relax, start to use my tongue moving closer and closer to her asshole. I pulled back her hair and slapped her ass again, pushing the plug in nude women over 40 even deeper. When I finally reach it, twirling around it with the tip of my tongue, I quickly notice that she has indeed prepared herself to be used tonight, as my tongue slips easily in and out of her ass with her softly moaning into the sheets.

As I move up her neck and reach her ear I whisper 'So, what should I use on you first? 'You just want ot be my little fuck slave, don't you? I have never seen a women being so eager to take something up her ass and was now going rougher by the minute, horny as fuck.

This is already porn grade perversion but obviously I was eager to see how far she wanted to take this. 'You are behaving well so far. Were you too shy to tell me all the degrading things you want me to do to you? I like was my fuck slave has prepared, maybe I'll even give you a reward. ' As I finish the sentence I whip the crop across her tits and she lets out deep moan as if she is already close to coming.

I hurried to get out of my cloths now as I didn't want to leave her waiting for too long and as soon as I got rid of my shirt I pulled her across the bed, her face below my hips. ' Another, softer slap, but this time right between her legs on her already swollen pussy lips followed by another deep moan. No orgasm without asking for permission, you understand?

I took the crop, soft leader and nothing that's actually painful, and let it glide over her body. 'Remember what I told you though. 'You're not ashamed to show me what a slut you are, I like that. She moans and nodds wildly and with my hand firmly grabbing her butt I can feel the juices dripping out of mature female her pussy, running over the tips of my fingers.

Maybe I'll do something good for you now. This is too easy and too much fun to stop; slowly picking up speed with my tongue I begin to move my hands onto her stomach and chest and start pushing her whole body against the bed as my face begins to press harder against her pussy. Again, goosebumps all over her body and she only slightly pushes her butt off the bed and against my hips.

Starting at her lower tighs I kissed and licked my way up towards her pussy and when I finally reached it she was already close to exctasy. She isn't even able to take this for a minute and soon starts to clench her hands, her body tightening as I push her onto the sheets, my tongue rubbing against her clit more forcefully and sliding into her pussy every so often until she lets out a high pitched moan that lasted for several seconds and starts shaking almost violently.

' A very soft slap on her still convulsing pussy is enough to give me a great response. I now hold her down so she doesn't fall off the bed and realize just how nicely this fits into my plans. She starts to twitch and quiver after only the slightest of touches. 'Well, that was nice seeing my little slut twitch and moan but haven't you forgotten something? 'I think I'll have to punish you for not obeying my orders.

'You didn't ask for permission before you came! '
I probably broke character a bit at this point but I'm way too much into oral and that dripping wet pussy right in front of me looked way too tasty. ' I place my hand flatly on her pussy and push against it as if I'm grabbing it. I pulled her lips apart a little bit and let my tongue slide all the way through once, flicking over her hard clit shortly.

' This almost sends her over the edge again as she starts to wiggle under my hands, always making sure not let her pussy escape my grip. 'Please, I need your cock in my ass! ' she begs, actually seeming desperate. 'Your pussy doesn't deserver my cock but I might just stick my cock up your ass to show you just how much of a slut you are.

I started to move slowly, not wanting to hurt her but she was on an entirely different level already. Fuck me harder, I need it! I have some experience in anal and I do watch quite a bit of porn but this was beyond anything I had ever encountered. I place the tip of my cock against her butt and again, she is eagerly pushing against it, taking my cock in without any hesitation.

' As I now start to pull out the plug she is visibly enjoying the feeling and when it slides out of her ass I can see a tiny little gape. She was screaming with lust and constantly begging for more when we both were drowning in sweat already and when I slapped her butt once more as I pushed all of my cock into her tight hole I could feel her muscles contracting around my it.

' she starts to scream as she is bucking her ass against my hips, taking a 6 inch cock up her ass until my balls slap against her pussy, sending her juices dripping down her tighs. '
As if I neeeded any motivation, at this point I don't even care about my role anymore. The next few hours are pretty much a blur, we had a lot more sex, anal, a dirty fast food meal on the soaked bed and I even made her squirt (which might be included in the next story).

I turn her around and she is kneeling on all fours in front of me, sticking out her lovely ass, plug still inside it. I'll make sure that she reads this story and the comments because I know it would be a huge turn on for her knowing other people read about her slutty adventures (She even gave permission to include the 1fEBX62pic I took when I entered the room) so PMs are also welcome.

I started fucking her ass harder and harder, thrusting against her cheeks and pushing her head into the pillows. Same goes for constructive feedback mature women pics as I really can't have an objective opinion on this story. She fell flat on the bed and grabbed onto the sheets, cuming hard with my cock deep in her ass.

This was too much for me with just one more thrust I unloaded what felt like weeks of saved up cum inside her. >:)

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